Health Benefits of Banana | If You Eat 2 Bananas a Day

Health Benefits of Banana, Benefits of Banana, Banana

Benefits of Banana

We will explain the Benefits of Eating Banana as you all know that "An Apple a day keeps Doctor Away" but two Bananas a day also can keep the doctor away. One thing I want to make it clear that no one gets fat after Eating a Banana. You might have heard that person becomes fat after eating a Banana it's not true its a myth. Your Weight will never increase after eating Bananas a medium-size banana contains 110g Calories in which fat is very less. It gives Instant Energy.

It contains Fibre and 3 types of Sugar

  • Sugar
  • Fructose
  • Glucose

As per Research, 2 Bananas give proper energy in 90 min Workout, So Athletes eat the banana. Banana contains more amount of energy as well as Vitamins.

  • Vitamins
  • Proteins
  • Magnesium
  • Iron
  • Dietary Fibres

According to research patients suffering from Depression should eat banana. Banana contains a protein which relaxes the nerves and also decreases the Depression. Banana contains large of Magnesium. which keeps the flow of blood in arteries normal. Banana contains magnesium which decreases the Cholesterol level.

Banana is very essential for patients suffering from Anaemia because it contains Iron. Which maintains the Haemoglobin level in the body. Also, it is very beneficial for patients suffering from Constipation. Because it contains fibre so it cures constipation, therefore, banana is very beneficial for constipation and anaemia patients.

Now we explain the Benefits and Properties of Banana

Unripe Banana is a panacea for Ulcer patients. In case of HeartBurn eat curd mixed with sugar and ripe banana all the stomach problems will be cured along with burn.

  • Curd + Sugar + Banana

A person becomes strong after drinking milk after eating a banana. If you get any injury and if bleeding doesn't stop then you apply banana stem juice.

Banana Juice gives great relief from Dry Cough, Old Cough and Asthma. Mix 1 ripe banana with 1 spoon clarified butter and 4-5 drops of honey

  • Banana + Clarified Butter + Honey

Eating this Consecutively in the morning and night for 8 days gives great from Leucorrhoea and discharge weakness. Eating ripe banana mixed with ghee gives instant relief from acidity. Eating a banana with cow ghee gives relief from mouth ulcer. Eating 2 banana with 10gm honey gives instant relief from chest pain.

  • Banana + Honey

Eating Banana daily after having food keeps the muscles strong. Apply banana with lime juice to Cure Hair Fall Problem. Eating ripe banana mixed with Indian Gooseberry juice and sugar cures frequently urination problem.

  • Banana + Indian GooseBerry Juice

Applying unripe banana mixed with juice on the face makes Face Shining and Glowing. If you feel hungry even after having food then you eat banana eating banana keeps that Sugar Level in Control and you feel relaxed and also a pregnant women temperature remains constant.

But anything in excess is bad you may feel lazy you may feel stomach heavy if you eat more banana so eat in proper quantity. So friends eat this healthy fruit daily. Do eat bananas daily. You get the strength and immunity to fight against the diseases.

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