7 Major Benefits of Preventive Healthcare

“Prevention is better than cure"

A common agelong saying that remains valid regardless of age and time. It’s concept, is to be proactive about situations before things get out of hand. Humans like to be in control. Anyone would choose will over compulsion. But, in reality, this doesn’t play out when it comes to our health.

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Most people don’t see the reason to observe or confirm their health state until they feel too sick.

Truth is, you shouldn’t be observant of your health only when something is wrong. By the time you feel the pain, chances are it’s at the advanced stage.

According to Wikipedia, Preventive healthcare consists of measures taken for disease prevention.

The various ways you can practice Preventive Healthcare include:

Hygiene: This involves preventing diseases and maintaining good health through cleanliness.

Stress Management: Stress Management the deliberate actions directed at managing a person’s stress level. With the motive of improving the person’s health state and efficiency.

Preventive Examination: being intentional about regular or recommended check-ups. This helps discover irregularities at their early stages and curb the growth.

Regular Exercise: practice activities such as jogging, brisk walking, skipping and so on. This will keep your organs and circulatory systems healthy as well as improve your fitness.

Avoiding Harmful Substances: avoid substances that can affect body organs to maintain healthy organs blood and general immune system of the body.

Healthy Eating: ensuring the intake of foods that provide the nutrients needed by the body to maintain good health and have energy.

In reality, preventive healthcare is often trivialized. According to studies, 60% of all deaths are due to chronic diseases. This would reduce if these you discover and treat diseases from an early stage

Amazing Benefits of Preventive Healthcare

1. Healthy Lifestyle

“The greatest wealth is health”. It is safe to say that wealth without health is poverty enforced. A healthy lifestyle allows you to be productive and efficient. No sick person thinks of any other thing.

They will direct all their effort in getting off the sickbed. When you practice preventive healthcare treatment, you guarantee a healthy lifestyle. You become more aware of your environment and the state of your personal health.

2. Prolonged Lifespan

Studies say a healthy lifestyle increases life expectancy by up to seven years. More important than the number of years is the fact that one lives through them in good health. Time is everything, in most cases, it is priceless. Being able to live a good life in good health is the ultimate goal.

The good news is… It doesn’t cost a thing so you don’t have to pay, it’s about practising preventive healthcare.

3. Prevents Reactive Healthcare

The concept behind this is that you do not have to wait till you’re sick before going for a checkup. Most times, diseases tend to remain unnoticed till they’re full-blown.

Practising reactive healthcare comes with lots of adverse effects. Some include excess health cost, disturbed schedule and life-threatening organ damage.

4. Prevents Crippling Medical Cost

It's not surprising that reactive healthcare costs way more than preventive healthcare. The earlier you discover a disease, the better. Chronic diseases like breast and lung cancer are best tackled at the early stages.

This will save the patient lots of pain and money. You can high medical cost can through lifestyle changes if discovered early. By focusing on preventive healthcare, you can reduce health costs.

5. Curbs Chronic Disease

When you practice preventive healthcare, you will discover chronic diseases early. This will help you reduce risk factors and manage complications.

This will help improve the patient’s quality of life, prevent the disease, and reduce the need for complications which could claim the patient’s life.

6. Prevents Organ Damage

When you neglect preventive healthcare, a minor irregularity will dominate any organ that hosts it. In most cases, people fail to notice the symptoms until it gets serious. Hence, the high death rate resulting from chronic diseases.

7. Reduces Death Rate

Chronic diseases are responsible for more than half of the death rate. Curbing them at the early stage by will have a significant impact in reducing the death rate. It will also lead to a healthy lifestyle, prolonged lifespan and reduced death rate.


You can never go wrong with preventive healthcare treatment. The benefits are limitless. Long-term illness would not be an epidemic if everyone is intentional about preventive healthcare.

The good news is, health insurance often covers preventive healthcare treatments. Leverage this and live a healthier lifestyle.

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