Dreams - Why do we Dream, Lucid Dreaming, Sleep Paralysis

Why do we Dream, Lucid Dreaming, Sleep Paralysis, Dreaming, Dream, Nightmares, Sleeping Child

Dreams: Why do we Dream, Lucid Dreaming, Sleep Paralysis

So we all see the dream. But have you ever thought why we dream, why do we dream? In this article, I am telling you people, why do we see that dream? Why do we dream?

Why do we dream? actually, This is a question whose correct answer does not even have science However, many theories exist on before we Know about the dreams lets talk about the little REM (Rapid eye movement) stage.

When we sleep we can have only 2 stages First REM (rapid eye movement) and second non-rapid eye movement. REM Stage from these two is very special because of Lucid dreaming, sleep-walking, sleep paralysis, all of these sensations are in the same REM stage.

In REM stage, sometimes it happens that a person lives suddenly, but he can not move his body at all. It will happen sometimes with you too. At that time you would know that you are awake but your brain thinks that you are sleeping in the REM stage. This condition is called sleep paralysis in the language of science. Most people get nervous during this stage. But it stays for only a few seconds after that everything becomes normal again.

Years ago, researchers at the University of Chicago had seen a type of electrical activity during the sleep of the human brain and when they were awakened in such a state, most of them had the same answer that they were dreaming. And the researchers also noticed that despite their eyes closed, during their sleep, their eyeballs were shifting inside. So even if you have a friend or a relative in front of him, despite his eyes shut, even though his eyes are shaken by glaucoma, then you can understand that the person is dreaming.

Throughout the day, we do not know how much information that many information reaches our brain, which is stored in our mind as a memory. When you are sleeping, your subconscious mind scans and collects those memories so that you can use those memories in a better way the next day. At the same time, now your conscious mind destroys all bad memories. Let me give you an example, say you got two suggestions today. First - the market leader of IPL 10 is Mumbai Indians and the second - the girl from Padoshi ran away. So when you are in sleep, your brain decides which corner information is necessary for you and which information is worthless. The information which is useless destroys your subconscious mind or stores it in any corner of the brain. When this process is going on then your Concise Mind does not understand what is going on, and because of this process, you see many images and your brain tries to get the mining from those images and because of all these things your Dreams come.

Facts about Dreams

What Do Blind People Dream?

There is a question in many people's mind that blind people can dream. So the answer is yes, yes. Those who lose sight of their eyes due to an accident or other cause of birth after birth can see images in their dreams, and instead of seeing images, those who were born blind, instead of using their other senses like sound, touch etc. Do in the dream.

Can we Control our Dreams?

Many people will be surprised to know that we can control our dreams. Such dreams are called lucid dreaming. In such dreams, the person knows that he is dreaming. At the same time, he can control the dreams of the dreams, events and stories according to their own accord.

Faces in Dreams are Real

Many people are seen in dreams as people who have never seen them before. But this is not really the case. We can only see them in dreams, whom we have never seen in life. However, we forget the faces of those people.

Men and Women Dream Differently

According to a survey, a person usually comes only from a dream man. Women, on the other hand, see men and women in almost every aspect of their dreams. The same men watch aggressive feelings more than women in dreams

Number of Dreams in the Night

Every person sees an average of 4 dreams a day, which can range from 1 hour to 2 hours

We Forget most of our Dreams

Research explains that as soon as the sleep opening opens, we forget about 50 - 60 percent of our dreams. At the same time, 90 percent of our dream comes out of our mind after 10-15 minutes

Negative Emotions Are More Common in Dreams

According to research, most of the dreams seen by humans are negligible. In most dreams, there is a feeling of anxiety, anger, sadness and fear.

Animals Dream Too

Research done on different animals shows that animals also dream. According to the study, while sleeping, animals are also found in the brain, which is seen in the time of sleep.

Dreams all see

Except for such people, which are very psychological disorders, every person dreams. If you think that you do not see the dream then it is not so. You forget your dreams.

Not everyone's Dreams

All people's dreams are not colorful. Some dreams are black and white too. According to a study conducted from 1915 to the 1950s, most of the dreams were black and white, but the results were changed in the 1960s. Today only 4.4 percent of the dreams are black and white.

The Emotions

Worry is the most common feeling in the dream which is experienced. Negative emotions are very common in comparison to positive emotions.

Dream of Proximity

There are some such dreams in which you feel yourself very sexually having sex with someone else. Nothing is sexual in these dreams. Usually, these dreams show an emotional bond and a supportive relationship with someone.

Friend's Dream

If you consider someone to be a very good friend, you see yourself being mischievous with the same friend in the dream. So these dreams indicate that the friend is something special for you. But in Hosha you are not able to accept this romantic love.

More IQ

It is proved that the person who has more IQ level can watch more dreams than other people.

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