How Often Should You Have A Professional Massage?

Professional Massage
Professional Massage

Going to get a massage is a wonderful thing. You can have your body relieved of stress, as well as your muscles relaxed, your skin elasticated, your sleeping improved, and your mood overall better. A lot can happen to a body in 34 minutes to an hour, but the effects of a massage certainly do not last very long.

That is why you will need to book multiple massages so that you and your body can continue to feel good. Having to continue receiving massages can result in an increase in overall health as well as faster recovery from a potential injury. The question is: How often should you book to get a deep tissue massage?

When Should I Book Another Massage After My First One?

After getting your first massage, you will undoubtedly feel good as well as feel confident about your health and body for the foreseeable future. However, it is recommended that you book your next massage immediately after your first; right before you walk out the door.

The fact of the matter is, in order to receive positive, long-term effects of massages, you and other massage customers need to establish a consistent plan to get one massage after another.

Not scheduling your next massage right after your first will result in life getting in the way. You know you have other commitments that you will certainly put before a massage if it is not scheduled: Family, work, friends, hobbies, clinical visits, and unexpected circumstances are often things we tend to prioritize more in, while massages are often forgotten about.

Massages are important, however, to be able to give us the energy to deal with all of life’s matters that compete with our time. Without getting a massage, sleep will not be as relaxing, work can feel rough, taking care of a family can feel impossible, and recreational activities can feel not as fun, all due to living with some semblance of stress and pain all the time. While some people may associate massages with luxury or lavish expenses, we all need them to maintain healthy living.

When Should My Next Massage Take Place?

Getting a massage on occasion will ensure that your body does not go through stress and pain, which is interesting in of itself. It is similar to like taking pilates: If you only go about once per month, you will see very little changes in your body. Practicing pilates for more times each month, however, can ensure your body changes much faster for reduced pain, mobility, and flexibility in your muscles and joints.

We recommend getting a massage once per month. Although, everyone is different. People’s personalities, lifestyles, and living conditions vary, and stress and pain can come to individuals at different times. However, a massage once per month is what can benefit just about anybody, even if you don’t see yourself as somebody that experiences a lot of stress. Unexpected things can happen in life, such as a loss in the family, getting laid off, or a major illness, which are all things that can cause a great deal of stress that would be hard to get rid of without massage therapy.

Why You Shouldn’t Wait To Book Your Next Massage

Stress is very difficult for individuals to get rid of on their own. Recovering from stress can take a very long time, and it can leave permanent effects on the body such as wrinkles on the skin and face, but a massage is rather made to prevent stress rather than be a cure for it. Oftentimes, we do not think about stress and pain until we experience it, and that it something individuals can do so that stress and pain never happens to them, rather than act afterwards.

Massages should be looked at as a preventive health strategy. With a constant schedule of deep tissue or other types of professional massages, the less likely we become harborers of stress.

What Is A Good Time To Have My Next Massage?

Of course, work and other commitments can get in the way of booking an effective massage, but fortunately, there are select massage centers that operate on nights and weekends so you can find a suitable time in the next month to secure an appointment and not have to miss work or avoid other commitments. A massage in the middle of one’s lunch break is always considered by many, but is not recommended due to how long it takes for a massage with the longest-lasting effects.

How Much Massage Is Too Much Massage?

If you are looking forward to another massage very soon, but you already feel fine, a regular massage will help you keep feeling fine. In times in which you feel extremely stressed out, we recommend booking more massages in a period of time rather than just once per month. If you abruptly notice a spasm that is caused from stress, talk to a massage therapist about it, preferably one that has served you and your body before. There are massage therapist that can help treat certain kinds of chronic pain. If you are suffering from a severe headache or pain in your face from stress, see if you can also receive a facial in addition to the other kind of massage that you are scheduled for.

How Early Should I Arrive To See My Massage Therapist?

Massage therapist often have strict guidelines for patients who show up late, or some time past the start of the massage. You have a concrete start time and concrete end time, so it is important that you are present when the massage is scheduled to start. For instance, if you are scheduled for a 45-minute schedule that starts at 1 P.M. and you arrive at 1:10, your massage therapist will only then invest 35 minutes of their time on your massage. They will not work past the scheduled end time due to a delay. If you show up too late to your massage, your therapist might just consider rescheduling you and prepare for the next patient.

With this in mind, be sure that you show up early to your massage, or you will need to book another massage if you show up late and your therapist didn’t have enough time to revitalize your body completely. Don’t leave home or work at a certain time assuming that you will make it to the massage center on time. With weather, traffic, and other things that can slow you down on the way to your massage, you can often spend more time on the road than you would expect.


For people who are looking to experience a permanent loss in stress, they should book massages frequently so that toxins never get a chance to build in the body. Longer massages also tend to have longer-lasting and better effects on the body than shorter massages. Thankfully, you can schedule messages on weekends or evenings following work, so that you won’t have to skip your daily commitments. Be sure to book your next massage immediately following your last for a consistent change in health.

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