Essential Tips to Note Before Buying Medicine

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Tips to Note Before Buying Online Medicine

Whatever means you consider to get your medication like buying from Canadian drug stores, make sure that you exercise due diligence and be on the lookout for fake drugs.

Before you buy online from Canadian drug store, it is important to note the details, composition or even the real source of the drugs to weed out the fake.

Unfortunately, no customer is safe because these fraudulent acts have plagued both the generic and brand name drug markets.

What makes buying drugs extremely sensitive activity is that counterfeit medicine is harmful, toxic to your health. To make matters worse, they might be ineffective and they are illegal.

Precautions When Buying Medicine

Note that if you are buying a type of medicine for the first time, it is vital that you speak to health care expert, especially your pharmacist or physician.

And remember, anytime that you get your prescription refilled, ensure that you critically examine the physical state of the medication. Check if the texture, shape, color, and packaging are up to the required standards.

Ensure that the medicine tastes and smells the same way as the other times you used it. If you smell a rat concerning side effects or the packaging, contact your pharmacist about possible counterfeiting.

Please keep in mind that an extremely low price might be a clear warning of counterfeit drugs and you should know the different prices of the drug in various pharmacies.

Be on the watch for any unusual adverse effects which are severe as it might be an indication of counterfeit medicines. In case of any secondary reactions, contact your doctor as soon as possible.

Rogue Online Pharmacies

While there are many legit online pharmacies, there are other rogue sites that deal with dangerous drugs that have not passed safety tests.

It is in your best interest to understand that an online medicine selling site might look very presentable and professional, but it could still be selling counterfeit drugs.

Characteristics of Counterfeit Drugs

Though sometimes it can be pretty challenging knowing the counterfeit from the real, some traits can help you identify fake medicine.

First, these medicines might not be approved by the relevant health agency in your country. Also, the drugs might not adhere to safety regulations and standards.

Another red flag of counterfeit drugs is that the labeling might be substandard. Besides, the shipping and storage might not be professional as befitting medicines.

In most cases, fake medicine might interfere with other medication that you are taking.

Tips to Consider When Buying Medication Online

Stay away from sites that allow the sale of medicine without a prescription. Most importantly, avoid sites that offer to prescribe medicine minus a physical examination by your physician or without answering a questionnaire.

Ensure that the online pharmacy is registered and meets all the quality standards. You can check with the relevant national pharmacy board.

You will be on the safe side if the website is legit and has a licensed pharmacist to help you with any queries. Also, unless the site is secure and values client information, avoid giving them personal details such as credit card and social security numbers.

Remember, it pays to buy drugs online through a legitimate channel. In this way, you can be sure that another party will be liable in case of any issues.

A fake drug is one that purports to do what it does not. Such drugs are made to appear better than they are in real sense. A description of a fake drug can also be used to refer to drugs that are fraudulently mislabeled in an attempt to give the public a wrong perception.

The rampant use of fake drugs not only is a threat to the health of the patients it also casts a stain on health sectors. Efforts by the regulatory bodies remain futile since the problem of the fake drug is still rampant across the world. Here are tips that will help you differentiate legitimate drugs from the fake ones:

Visual Inspection

The first step towards inspecting medications as per the WHO is a visual inspection. Even without any knowledge, you can check the physical characteristics of the drugs against your common perception. Here are some of the features of you should look at:

·         The packaging of drugs — examine if the packaging is standard or appears suspicious
·         Check whether the security seal has been tampered with
·         Look at the fonts if there is any unusual in size, spelling mistakes, or print color
·         The batch number, manufacturer's address, and expiry dates
·         Dosage form
·         Check for any difference between its physical appearances against the WHO expectations

Mobile Authentication

This is one of the best ways to curb fake drugs menace. Send a short message to the numbers provided by the WHO. This service is free.


Depending on a reputable pharmacy for your drugs reduces your chances of buying fake drugs.


If the drugs are alarmingly cheap, do not rush to buy the pills.

Unusual Side Effects

If you feel uncommon after taking the drug, check the authenticity of the medicine twice.

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